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What tools to build my internet marketing business do I need to get in the first few weeks is a question that I get asked by most people when joining my business.

Just taking a few minutes to search around the Internet, you’ll come across hundreds of products and tools, and if you do not get them, you’ll never make money, so the advertiser proclaims. Well stop!

I’m going to give you the tools that you need on day one and four other tools that you will need very quickly.

The most important tool that you will need to build your internet marketing business is training or a mentor. This I believe is vital to your success, depending on what business you intend to market on the Internet will depend what type of training or mentoring you will require.

The best training that you can get if you are new to Internet Marketing is to get personal access, either in person or by phone, to a coach or mentor. This will save you a considerable amount of time and money providing that your coach or mentor has a proven track record of marketing through the Internet.

You could subscribe to online video courses and training programmes and some of these are excellent and most are quite inexpensive. These can be a great resource and additional source of learning to the above if no coach or mentor is available.

The second item that you will require is a domain name. A domain name is just like a house address that enables people who are searching on the Internet to find you or your website. Your domain name should relate to the product or service that you are marketing. Domain names can be easily purchased through a number of online companies such as GoDaddy and 1&1. It is advisable to get a domain name ending in.com as this is the highest level of domain names available.

The third item or service that you require is a web hosting company. Web hosting is a service where you store your website and then by using your domain name to point at this file enables your customer to find your website, when they tie in your domain name/web address. Companies such as HostGator and 1&1 will quite happily host your website for a small annual fee. It is essential that you use a good company to reduce the amount of downtime of your website.

The fourth item or service you will require is obviously the website and this item in itself could take up many pages of text. What I would recommend to the new Internet marketer is to save time and heartache by having your website professionally designed and uploaded, this can often be done for about $100.

The fifth and final item and probably the one that you will grow to love the most is a good autoresponder. The autoresponder as the name may suggest automates many tasks within your business by adding some coding into your web page. It enables you to collect customers details, usually a name and email. After some initial setting up, this service will then at regular predefined intervals send out marketing material, literature and or any other documentation that you so desire without any further interaction.

Within your first few weeks or months of your internet marketing business the five Tools above are all that you really need to get started. It is only after you start to understand and prove to yourself the processes that you have put in place are working, do you need to consider purchasing any further tools.

Starting your own business is a daunting process at times and having the correct tools to build your internet marketing business will make your life a lot easier from this point on.

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